Sunday, April 13, 2008

Put Pressure On Officials To Respond To Denial Of New Trial


We are asking Mumia supporters to PLEASE CALL THESE NUMBERS and write the Congressional Black Caucus as to why they are not responding to the Third Circuit's recent denial of a new trial for Mumia.

We are asking people to ask them why they are not calling press conferences or making a collective or individual ccomment about the recent court decision

Call the CBC, the National Caucus of Black Legislators and the National NAACP, which passed a resolution supporting Mumia in 2004.

Thes organizations should be coming to Mumia's support at this time!


Rep Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick
Chairwoman, Congressional Black Caucus
202 225 5006

Dr Joe Leonord
Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus
202 225 4356

National NAACP
410 580 5777

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