Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Film Showing Wed December 8 at City College, NYC

The Prisoner Justice Club at City College, in affiliation with the Campaign to End the death Penalty, is proud to present:

"Justice on Trial"
A Documentary on Mumia Abu-Jamal by Johanna Fernandez and Kouross Esmaeli.

December 8th, 2010
7:00 PM

The City College of New York; NAC Building, 1st floor; Room 1/202
Special guest Speaker: Producer Johanna Fernandez

Tried and convicted of the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner, Mumia Abu-Jamal is the most recognized death row inmate in the world today.

His case is one of the most contested cases in modern American history, and one of the most important civil rights cases of our time.

Judicial Bias. Prosecutorial misconduct. Racial discrimination in jury selection. Police corruption. Tampering with evidence to obtain a conviction.

These are characteristics that affect the ENTIRE criminal justice system. Learn how these flaws have affected Mumia FOR THREE DECADES. New evidence is revealed in the documentary that the courts refuse to review. Learn why this is one of the most important cases of our generation!!

Co-sponsored by The City College Political Science Department, The Black Student Union, The African Student Union, and the International Socialist Organization.