Monday, January 28, 2008

Teach-In on Grand Juries, Repression & Resistance

Saturday, February 23 2-5 pm
St. Mary's Church
521 West 126th Street
Between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway

Learn from and support the Puerto Rican Independence Movement and the young Puerto Rican cultural workers who have been served notice to appear before a Grand Jury in Brooklyn - a serious attack on the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, on the Puerto Rican community, and on all of our civil liberties. Learn how the grand jury is part of the state's attack on the progressive movement in this country. Learn about the history of resistance to this repression. How does this particular governmental attack on us fit into the overall picture of repression and fascistic developments? Learn about the attacks on December 12th, the Free Mumia Movement, the MOVE organization, and many others. There will be a FULL HOUR FOR QUESTIONS as well as ROLE PLAYING to concretize a process that many of us are not familiar with, and need to understand in order to strengthen our courage and our ability to RESIST.

Participants will include:

Ana Lopez and Youth Resisters, Hostos January 11 Grand Jury Resistance Campaign

Esperanza Martell, Iglesia San Romero de las Americas

December 12th Movement

Robert Boyle, National Lawyers Guild, NYC

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition members

Friends of MOVE

And others to be announced

For more information call 212.330.8089 or

Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK III Says Mumia and MOVE 9 Are Unjustly Incarcerated

Martin Luther King III Says Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE 9 are Unjustly Incarcerated
From Philadelphia Indymedia
21 Jan 2008

My father's words that, "Freedom only comes through persistent agitation, through persistent rising up", were true in 1982 when Mumia Abu Jamal was unjustly convicted for the death of a Philadelphia policeman because he dared to use national air-waves to agitate for the rights of MOVE and for racial and economic justice. They are true today as we continue to fight for his freedom....We live in a society shrouded in hypocrisy, a nation that expects its children to abhor violence but takes every opportunity to promote the "might is right" philosophy....While we promote the notion throughout the world that America's system of justice in colorblind, we live with the reality that racism is inherent in every single facet of our criminal justice system....From the aerial bombing of MOVE to the unjust incarceration of MOVE members, Mumia Abu-Jamal and countless others; to the unjustified and unpunished killings and beatings of people of color; to the "blue mentality" pervading police forces across the country that rewards brutal behavior; to the increasing incidents of police abuse and harassment of even white Americans, we understand the need to continue and remain steadfast in our struggle for freedom. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s journey began in Montgomery with civil rights and ended in Memphis with human rights. SCLC's current support of human rights around the world is consistent with our support of the rights of MOVE.