Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/23 Philly -- Political Prisoners on War Resisters & Honoring Mumia's Birthday

Saturday, April 23 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Sanctuary Wholistic Arts
2737 Cambridge Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Created By: Iresha Picot

More Info: April 23rd, at 7:30pm, the "Questioning Incarceration Coalition" would like to invite everyone to join us for a cultural event, with art, music, and poetry, that will focus on solidarity between US Political Prisoners, and War Resistors.

Statements will be read from the writings of political prisoners and former political prisoners such as:
Marshall Eddie Conway
Maroon Shoatz
David Gilbert
Mumia Abu Jamal
Safiya Bukhari
Lynne Stewart
Women of the MOVE 9

Special Guests: Pam Africa from the ICFFMAJ and the MOVE organization, and Russell Maroon Shoatz III, speaking about his father, Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz

Also, Performances by Kevin Price, Bohiti, I Abdul Jon, Joseph Xavier Mack

**We will be honoring the birthday of death row political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. Mumia is on deathrow facing imminent execution and continues to report on international social justice issues. Mumia has been been writing in opposition to US led wars and occupations throughout and prior to his 1981 conviction.

Saturday April 23rd
Sanctuary Wholistic Arts
2737 Cambridge Street
Philadelphia, PA

donations will be collected to help pay for the venue

Presented by: Questioning Incarceration - 215-687-1147,

CA Federation of Teachers Passes Resolution in Support of Mumia!

Hats off to the California Federation of Teachers!!  Despite the spin the media and the Fraternal Order of Police will try to put on this powerful move on the part of the California Federation of Teachers, this is a very important breakthrough for this period. Resolutions of this sort were passed in huge numbers back in 1995 and 1999, when Mumia was threatened with immediate execution as death warrants had been signed by the Governor.  We need to revive that kind of grassroots activism.  Folks, try to get your union or your local legislative body to pass such a resolution in support of Mumia! We need to revive those kinds of initiatives now!!

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu- Jamal  and 
the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC)

CA Federation of Teachers Passes Resolution in Support of Mumia
Caroline May - The Daily Caller  – Mon Apr 11, 4:36 pm ET

Between negotiating for more benefits and teaching their students, the California Federation of Teachers has adopted a resolution of support for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

At the CFT's 2011 Convention in late March, the delegates passed 30 resolutions, from solidifying support for anti-bullying legislation to supporting transitional kindergarten. Among the resolutions largely pertaining to education and collective bargaining rights was Resolution 19 – to "Reaffirm support for death row journalist."

"Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers reaffirm its support and demand that the courts consider the evidence of innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal," the Committee Report reads.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was a former member of the Black Panthers who was found guilty of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel J. Faulkner during a routine traffic stop in 1981. Abu-Jamal was subsequently sentenced to death.

His supporters, such as the California Federation of Teachers, argue that his trial was unfair and that he is a civil rights hero.

"Mumia Abu-Jamal has for decades as a journalist fought courageously against racism and police brutality and for the human rights of all people and has taken strong stands in support of working people involved in labor struggles and in support of well-funded, quality, public education," the resolution reads.

Daniel Flynn, author of "Cop killer: How Mumia Abu-Jamal conned millions into believing he was framed" told The Daily Caller that Abu-Jamal was the poster-child for ending the death penalty…20 – 30 years ago.

"Somebody should tell the California Teachers Federation that this is over, he is in jail, he is going to stay there," Flynn said. "You have numerous eyewitnesses saying Mumia did it. You had ballistic evidence – Mumia's gun at the scene was consistent with the bullet used to kill Faulkner. Mumia admitted after the fact that he did it."

Fred Glass, CFT spokesman, told TheDC that the even though the case is 30 years old, since Abu-Jamal is still going through appeals, the issue remains relevant.

"The delegates decided it was time to reiterate that they supported him due to the irregularities that they felt had taken place during his case," said Glass. "They see this as a civil liberties issue, it is quite common for the CFT to take positions on broad social matters like this."

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) spokesman Tom Lansworth, said that this is an issue the national union has never before considered, however, it likely will appear before the AFT at their next convention.

"It appears that one of the intents of the California resolution is to present this issue to the next AFT convention, which will be next year. Our national convention is held every two years. So the California action is part of the normal process of proposing resolutions for debate by the national convention. This does not appear to be an issue that we have acted on before," he told TheDC, adding he had no idea whether the AFT would adopt the resolution.

Either way, Flynn sees the action as the CFT showing their liberal stripes.

"The California Federation of Teachers is reacting to that long tradition on the left that takes murders and makes heroes out of them," said Flynn.


Dear Friends in the USA,

we have an important request for your support.

As you may have heard, Georgia joins the nationwide scramble for Danish lethal injection drugs

The company in question is called Lundbeck and has the sole license for pentobarbital on the US pharmacy market which has been used in executions in Ohio and lately in one attempt in Texas, too.

This danish company is clearly breaking european law in order to profit from the death penalty. So far they were able to conduct their business with Ohio and Texas. Last week Tuesday the US Supreme Court stopped an execution in Texas because it wasn't clear, if the danish chemicals are "safe" to execute american citizens.

Today an Online Petition against the use of european products in the US death penalty started: "Keine Lundbeck-Praeparate fuer Hinrichtungen in den USA" european politicians are requested to act on this.

Troy Davis is a death row prisoner in Georgia. The US Supreme Court denied his last appeal last week. If Georgia manages to gain pentobarbital from Lundbeck it will likely resume to publish execution dates again.

Please get the word around in the US and help us by promoting the european online petition as well as writing directely to Lundbeck in order protest their business policies.

If the anti-death penalty movement in the US could consider to call for a boycott of Lundbeck that might help, too.

After european policies helped to force the company Hospira to pull out of the death penalty in the US death penalty together we might be able to stop another profiteer from the "machinery of death".

In solidarity,

the Berlin Free Mumia Coalition