Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Videos from Journalists for Mumia

First is of Tom Morello (aka The Night Watchman), lead guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, who was recently in Philadelphia, where he showed support for Mumia in this short video, where he is holding up the Journalists for Mumia poster that displays four of the newly discovered crime scene photos.

Second, is an excerpt from an official 1986 Philadelphia District Attorney training video for new prosecutors (which publicly surfaced in 1997), where veteran DA prosecutor Jack McMahon lectured in support of removing Blacks from jury panels. Explicitly recognizing this practice's illegality, McMahon explained that "the law" calls for a "'competent, fair, and impartial jury.' Well, that's ridiculous. You're not trying to get that."

For More Videos Visit The Journalists For Mumia YouTube Page At:

Elombe Brath

The letter below is being circulated by Black groups and individuals to support our Brother Elombe. We do not need to elaborate on who Elombe has been to the African struggle, to the movement in this country, to Mumia, and to all of us. Please help if you can so that Elombe can fully recover.

Please read the letter below and send a check to help Elombe and Nomsa with Elombe's medical expenses brought on by a stroke.

The family needs at least $10,000 to do all that is necessary.

CEMOTAP, BCAP, WISOMM, NBPP, Dr. Jeffries and Councilman Charles Barron have already stepped foward. Please join them by sending a check made payable to: Elombe Brath

Mail donations to :
Elombe Brath
1845 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, Apt 6C
New York, NY 10026

Please be as generous with your dollars as Elombe has been to our community with not only his information and work but his time and his energy.

James McIntosh and Betty Dopson
Co-Chairs of CEMOTAP

Letter from Nomsa Brath

Dear friends and fellow activists,

I am challenged to announce to those of you, who know and love him, that Elombe has had a stroke. I suspect that before the visible effects of the stroke, which occurred in September, at least two minor ones might have went unnoticed. That is the sad news, but the good news and more powerful news is that I believe he has the courage to regain his former posture and continue the work he has championed, for the past 50 years, the liberation of African people.

He is presently under the doctor's care as well as receiving physical therapy bi-weekly, to strengthen his left side and improve his gait. Cognitively, there is a difference, but not a drastic one. He can hold his own most of the time so long as he does not become fatigued.

Elombe retired from ABC nine years ago so that he could focus on his life's work exclusively. He receives medical coverage as a PPO which is 20% paid by him and 80% by his insurance for all accepted medical procedures and programs as well as Medicare. Consequently, preventive and holistic medical practices and procedures are not acceptable and will not be covered by this plan. He has no dental coverage and I know that has impacted his health adversely.

There are several alternative modalities that I am trying to add to his treatment plan, which include purchasing equipment to use at home on a regular basis as well as added nutritional supplementation to that which has already been prescribed, oxygen therapy, massage, dental surgery, etc. He will probably be getting chelation therapy but not until further blood work is done because his creatine is not exactly where the doctor would like it to be and we don't want any kidney problems to complicate things. His blood pressure is good but he has not learned to relax and he is stressing himself about his present physical dilemma.

It is usually the first year of a stroke that is most crucial for stroke victims and an indicator of the level of recovery that can be expected depending on the severity of damage.

For the next three months he will be observed and then re-evaluated. If at that time he has not improved as expected he will be taken to Cuba for further assessment and treatment.

His life has been a marathon of causes here and around the world on behalf of our brothers and sisters who needed their struggles to be voiced and recognized, whether in South Africa, Namibia, Congo, Ethiopia, Grenada, Burkina Faso or in the United States. With your help we can keep him moving forward in better health and strength for many years to come.

Yours in Love and Struggle

Nomsa Brath