Thursday, September 23, 2010

Democracy Now! on competing films and coverage of new forensic test in Mumia's case

Democracy Now! on competing Mumia films with Dave Lindorff and filmmaker Johanna Fernandez and
a whoooole lotta Maureen Faulkner clips.  The Third Circuit Court of Appeals Nov. 9 hearing is also
discussed.  Check it out.

New Mumia Video & Article from Linn Washington and Dave Lindorff!

From Sis. Fatirah:

Linn Washington and Dave Lindorff just released a video and an article in which they unveil the findings of two new tests that blow a huge hole in the case of the prosecution.  Here's the link to the article:

Pam Africa on the selling out of Mumia Abu Jamal by the anti-death penalty mov

The Minister of Information JR interviews to Pam Africa about members of the U.S. anti-death penalty movement sacrificing the life of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal for an alliance with police and politicians.