Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Educate, Agitate, Organize for the MOVE 9 Upcoming Events!

From  Sis. Iresha Picot

May 7 at 5:00pm until May 12 at 3:00pm

Following the shooting death of Philadelphia Police Officer James Ramp during the August 8, 1978 police siege on Move’s headquarters in West Philadelphia, MOVE members Janine, Debbie, Janet, Merle, Delbert, Mike, Phil, Eddie, and Chuck Africa were convicted of 3rd Degree Murder, Conspiracy, and multiple counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Each was given a sentence of 30-100 years. MOVE and others have contested both the evidence and the fairness of the MOVE 9 trial.

The MOVE organization is planning a week long of events to bring the community out to educate and organize around the MOVE 9 case.

Monday (5/7)
5:00pm, 52nd and Market,
Demonstration to Free the MOVE 9.

Tuesday (5/8)
7:00pm at Calvary Church (801 48th St. St.)
Present day teach-ins of the MOVE organization with Professor Linn Washington, Theresa Shoatz (Human Rights Coalition), and Betsy Petite (International Action Center).

Wednesday (5/9)
6:00pm, A-Space (4722 Baltimore Avenue)
Write-In to the Parole Board and Judicial Committee for the release of the MOVE 9.

Thursday (5/10)
TBA, Film Screening on “MOVE: A Confrontation” with a panel discussion on “Who are the MOVE 9?” featuring Pam Africa (Chairwoman of ICFFMAJ), Dr. Anthony Montiero, (Temple University) MOVE Supporters Pam Africa and Maiga Milbourne.

Friday (5/11)
7:00pm, Black and Nobel (1409 W. Erie Ave)
Teach-in on Frank Rizzo and Police Brutality with Attorney and Activist Michael Coard.

Saturday (5/12)
12-3pm, Abiding Truth Ministries (846 South 57th Street)
Educate, Organize, Agitate! Organizers meeting to strategize to liberate the MOVE 9, facilitated by Ramona Africa.

For more information about these events, please contact onamovellja@aol.com and the MOVE9parole.blogspot.com

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