Sunday, January 21, 2007

Support the Publicity Campaign to Name A Harlem Street in Honor of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Like Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Joe Doherty of Ireland, former political prisoners who have streets named after them in New York already, Mumia has contributed to world events and struggles such as opposing wars in Iraq, Africa and Central America, speaking out for housing, jobs, health care, including HIV-AIDS, against police brutality and for community control. On death row, Mumia has published five books (Live from Death Row, All Things Censored, Death Blossoms, On a Move, We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party) and weekly commentaries.

Since 1976, 123 people have been freed from death row. Being on death row does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. In protest of the reactionary and racist nature of his trial and sentencing, Mumia was awarded honorary citizenship in Paris, France and has a street named after him in nearby St. Denis. If Europe can address U.S. death penalty injustice, why can't we?

The Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition (NYC) is building the campaign to honor Mumia with a street in Harlem, as a way of bringing awareness of his case to the greater public so that he can win his release. We would like to give this cause a boost with television ads which cost $50 per time slot (after production to air on BET and TV 9. Please consider what you can do to help.

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