Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greetings from Mexico for December 9th

From sis Carolina in Mexico

Hi all,

I'm sending a poster for our event in Mexico City to demand immediate freedom for Mumia this coming December 9. We will be out in front of the US Embassy for about 8 hours with a lot of music, street theatre and messages of support for Mumia and other political prisoners, especially MOVE 9, Leonard Peltier, Angola 3, Sundiata Acoli, Mutulu Shakur, Jalil Muntaqim and more in the US and Alberto Patishtán in México; calls for the abolition of the US criminal justice / prison system and its implementation in Mexico; and support for the demands of recent prison hunger strikes in California, Chiapas, Chile and occupied Palestine.

We are also calling for an end to the militarization of Mexico and the adoption of ever more fascist national security laws, the US training of Mexican military and police forces, and the overall war against the Mexican people (supposedly a war on drugs) unleashed by the Mexican government and directed and backed by the US government through the Merida Initiative and other programs, which has resulted in 40,000 people killed, 60,000 disappeared and 120,000 displaced during the Calderón administration. Furthermore, we will be denouncing the recent murders of university student activist Carlos Cuevas and one of the leaders of the recovery and defense of Nahua lands in Xayakalan, Ostula, Michoacán --Pedro Leyva.

We hope it will be a great day.


Amig@s de Mumia de México

Message from Germany

Dear all,
On Saturday, December 10 will be a demonstration for the freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the abolition of the death penalty in Nüremberg, Germany (start 4pm).

The night before - Dec. 9. - will be numerous info events on Mumia all around the country, eg. in Berlin, Heidelberg, Dresden, Kaiserslautern among others. In December is an info-tour including ten dates on Mumia in Switzerland, too.

There is a new german website to coordinate activities in support of Mumia in Germany:

For the last 2 months there have been events around the the country on a weekly basis:

Here is a video from a recent "Act In" infront of the International Bookfair in Frankfurt:

We wish you a huge success on Dec. 9 in Philadelphia!

International Solidarity - FREE MUMIA!