Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Radio Blast for the MOVE 9

ONA MOVE, Everybody! Thanks to the support of radio host nationally and internationally, we have arranged numerous radio programs for The MOVE 9 to call into around August 8th. Some programs internationally (Spain, New Zealand, etc) they are not able to call into but the host will broadcast info about The MOVE 9 anyway.

Below is a list of programs that The MOVE 9 will be calling into. I have included the web sites for these programs that you can access them over the internet if you are not in the area. We also hope that you will flood local radio programs with calls about The MOVE 9 and flood local newspapers with letters to the editor as well. Thanks for all of your support.

  • Thursday, 7/30 8:00pm (est)/ WBAI 99.5FM / Sally O'Brien-New York, NY.
  • Sunday, 8/2, 1:00pm (est)/ Uhuru radio / Chimurenga- Phila., PA.
  • Monday, 8/3 8:05am (est)/ WURD 900AM Bill Anderson- Phila., PA.
  • Monday, 8/3 5:00pm (est)/ WHPK 88.5FM / Zarakyah Ahmadiel- Chicago, IL.
  • Tuesday, 8/4 6:00pm (est)/ /Mary Ellen Digiacomo
  • Tuesday, 8/4 11:00pm (est)/ KPFK 90.7FM Dedon Carr-Los Angeles, CA.
  • Wednesday, 8/5 12:00pm (est)/ CFRU 93.3FM Matt Soltys- Guelph, ON. Canada
  • Wednesday, 8/5 1:00pm (est)/ WURD 900AM / Reggie Bryant-Phila., PA.
  • Thursday, 8/6 11:00am (est)/ WPFW 89.3FM / Rhyme Katkhouda-Washington, DC.
  • Friday, 8/7 11:00pm (est)/ Wandas Picks /Wanda Sabir
  • Friday, 8/7 (est)/ KFAI 90.3 (Mnpls.) 106.7FM (St. Paul) / Lydia Howell-Minneapolis, MN.
  • Friday, 8/7 6:00pm (est)/ WRFG /Njere Alghanee-Atlanta, GA.
  • Friday, 8/7 8:00pm (est)/ WLTH 1370AM / Ron Muhammad-Gary, IN.
  • Saturday, 8/8 11:30am (est)/ KCBLR / Shiriki Unganisha-Kansas City, MO.
  • Saturday, 8/8 2:00pm (est)/ WURD 900AM / Norm Bond
  • Monday, 8/10 9:30pm (est) KBOO 90.7FM / Ruth Kovacs-Portland, OR.
There will also be radio programs in:
Barcelona Spain ( 6am (est) Sat. 8/8
Hamilton New Zealand ( 9pm (est) Sun. 8/9


Democracy Now
July 20, 2009

AMY GOODMAN: Eric Holder, the new Attorney General, also addressed the NAACP. Now, the NAACP has just passed a resolution asking him to investigate the case of another man on death row, Mumia Abu-Jamal. What is your stand on that case? What is the NAACP doing?

JULIAN BOND: Well, we're going to ask Attorney General Holder to look into this, as anyone who's followed this case for a number of years know that similar doubts have been raised about him as were raised about Troy Davis. And he's had trouble bringing these doubts before a tribunal that can say, you know, these things are true or they're not true. And we think he needs that chance. We think he needs that chance before the state of Pennsylvania decides to snuff his life out.

We oppose the death penalty, and particularly so in these cases where innocence seems likely, seems possible. I mean, just think of the notion of killing someone and then finding out later, boy, we made a terrible mistake, I'm so sorry. I mean, that cannot hold. That cannot be done. So we're trying to, not only with the Mumia case, but other cases, we expect to talk to General Holder and see if he won't put the force of the US government behind them.

Monday, July 06, 2009


At this Critical Moment, where all immediate legal routes are pending, the movement for Mumia's freedom enters a campaign for a civil rights investigation into Mumia's case. This campaign is crucial in raising awareness of Mumia's case and in battling for Mumia's ultimate liberation.

We are currently urgently attempting to cover expenses for this campaign, which includes funds for buses, production of materials, merchandise, flyers, website design and development, just to name a few.

To make an online donation to contribute to fund this urgent and very important campaign, please visit our website: Here you will find "Donate Now" options which will easily direct you to make a donation.