Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Sunday, April 18, 2010, 1-3pm
Clapp Hall, 4249 5th Ave.
Across from Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel
Pittsburgh, PA


So many of us in Pittsburgh have had the great fortune to know, learn from and stand together with Dennis Brutus and Howard Zinn on many issues and in many struggles. Through their writings, films and examples they can still inspire young people to take action and help seasoned activists to keep on working for social justice and peace for the rest of our lives.

Please join us at this tribute to our wonderful teachers, friends and fellow activists.

The program will include speakers, who were their dear friends and collaborators, including Staughton Lynd, "The People Speak" co-producer Lisa Smith, Celeste Taylor, Paul LeBlanc and Marcus Rediker, Chair of the Pitt History Department. In addition, Howard and Dennis will be present through videos.

We'll have an open mike for people to speak out or share a favorite poem or excerpt.

Their books will be on sale. Spread the word widely and help make this an afternoon of celebration and inspiration. For more info 412-241-6087.

25th Anniversary of Bombing of MOVE

05/12: 25th Anniversary of Bombing of MOVE! STOP POLICE TERROR!


This year marks 25 YEARS since the bombing of our FAMILY!  MOVE is delivering
MURDER complaints to Seth Williams (Philadelphia’s First Black District
Attorney) at 9:00am on May 12th, CHARGING officials with the VICIOUS MURDER of
11 INNOCENT MOVE family members!

There will be a 10:00 am press conference at the AFSC, located at 15th & Cherry
Sts., about the MURDER COMPLAINTS.

There will also be a 6:00 pm program at the African-American Museum, located at
7th & Arch Sts., which includes the screening of 2 Films On MOVE.

Following, on Sunday, May 16th, there will be a CHILDREN’S PLAY performed by
the MOVE children at The Rotunda, located at 40th& Walnut Sts., directly behind
the Bridge Movie Theatre.

For more INFO please contact:
P.O. BOX 19709
PHILA., PA. 19143
onamovellja@aol.com or call (215) 387-4107


Speakers: Dr Suzanne Ross - (Co-Chair Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition)
Sundiata Sadiq - (Former Pres. of NAACP Ossining NY Chapter, Now in 5th year of suspension)

Join us for an update on the case of Political Prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. The court system has closed its doors to the possibility of a new trial for Mumia and has left only two alternatives for him: execution or life in prison without parole. We demand the Department of Justice conduct a civil rights investigation into the outrageous frame-up of Mumia. Come get all the facts as we prepare for a demonstration in front of the Department of Justice Monday, April 26, two days after Mumia's 56th birthday.

Sat. April 17th 4:30PM @ St Stephens Church - 1525 Newton ST NW Washington, DC 20010

Organized By: Black Is Back Coalition & Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC)