Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tribute to Veronica Jones

There will be a special tribute to Veronica Jones tomorrow night, December 9, at 7 PM at the American Friends Center, 15th and Cherry Streets in Philadelphia, as part of the December 9th commemoration activity.

The second trailer for Tigre Hill's new film

Go to site below to see the second trailer for Tigre Hill's new film, "The Barrel of a Gun", which promises to be a sensationalist version of Mumia as a cold-blooded cop killer. Maureen Faulkner is trotted out again as a tragic widow who needs to see Mumia executed to get any sense of peace, rather than as the carefully chosen ally and tool of the Fraternal Order of Police in its determinatin to murder and silence Mumia. She has made it clear again and again that she refuses to consider the possibility of Mumia not being the person who killed Officer Faulkner, and does not hesitate to express her bloodthirsty desire for Mumia's execution so that she can gain her "peace".