Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Report-back and video from Berlin Free Mumia Demo

From Mumia NYC
Dear all,

a first impression of the Berlin FREE MUMIA demonstration yesterday:

The weather was extremely cold and wet. Even though, 200 people took to the streets. The spirit was really upbeat.

The march was loud and extremely self confident. 1000s of flyers about Mumia and the 29 years he has been spending on death row were distributed along the way to the US Embassy. Many onlookers expressed their consent, especially against the death penalty. Some people joined spontaniously.

Police tried their best to block us from adressing the Embassy and prepared a cage with police busses which would have blocked us off visually from the embassy. But people were not falling for that and occupied the traffic island in the middle of the square. Eventually police had to accept that. Speeches were deliverd in support of Mumia, Leonard Peltier and the Cuban 5.

Solidarity messages from Pam Africa and comrades from London were read out.

There were loud chants against the death penalty and the prison slavery exercised in the prison industrial complex.

At the end an Open Letter to the US Ambassador Philip D. Murphy was read out which is attached. Murphy has been scandalized by the German media because he secretely characterized leading german politicians as stupid and incompetent (which is about the only point we do agree with Mr. Murphy). His letters to Washington were pubished by Wikileaks a couple of days ago and caused an outcry within the german ruling class.

During the whole event no arrests were made by the otherwise notoriously brutal Berlin police force. Finally participants went home knowing that we will carry on fighting until Mumia and all other political prisoners are free.

In solidarity,

Berliner Bündnis Freiheit für Mumia Abu-Jamal!

im HdD
10405 Berlin
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