Wednesday, January 19, 2011


From Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition:

Robert Bryan no longer represents Mumia and does not speak for him in court or out.  The statement by him at the Rosa Luxemburg Conference (erroneously sent out) does not represent what Mumia or ICFFMAJ or FMAJC thinks about what transpired between Bryan and Mumia or Bryan and the Movement.

Text of Mumia's letter:

11/23/10 07:45 pm EST

Dear Bros, Sistas & Friends,

Ona Move!

As you may know, there has been a change in my representation; but what you may NOT know is that the team that remains has been involved for years -- and you've read their work if you've read the briefs.

So, relax -- they are experienced, intelligent and well-motivated lawyers, who know what they are doing. *

Guess what? In real life, change happens - and this is real life.

I thank y'all for respecting my decision in this matter.

Sometimes, change isn't just good: it's necessary.

Your brother,


(*Some of you may wish to access the audiofile of the oral arguments had in this case earlier this month, and several years ago; you decide) MAJ

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pam Africa at 1/19 Philly MOVE Doc Screening

Philadelphia's War on MOVE is a War on the Black Community!

International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement invites the community out to the film screening of MOVE: A Documentary with Post-Discussion from Pam Africa, minister of confrontation of the MOVE organization and chairwoman of the International Concern Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal

MOVE: A Documentary goes behind the 1978 and 1985 attack on the Philadelphia revolutionary organization MOVE and the repression they suffered from the racist and brutal policies of the Philadelphia police department and the US justice system.

January 19th, 2010 -  6:00 pm
Uhuru Solidarity Center

3733 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104

$3-$5 suggested donation

For more information contact