Saturday, November 13, 2010

U.N. Human Rights Council Urges the Release of Mumia and Peltier

From Free Mumia Coalition NYC:

Here is link to the Human Rights Council draft report on U.S. UPR (Universal Periodic Review):

U.N. Human Rights Council Recommends U.S.

"End the unjust incarceration of political prisoners,  including
Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal"

To "Lead by example," U.S. Must Heed Recommendations, Use "Exisitng" or Create Other Mechanisms to Release Imprisoned COINTELPRO/Civil Rights Era Political Activists, Says USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                   CONTACT: Efia Nwangaza,
November 10, 2010                                     (864) 901-8627;              

Greenville, SC – The U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) issued a set of recommendations for the United States to bring its human rights policies and practices in line with international standards. The recommendations are the result of the first-ever participation by the U.S. in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, which involves a thorough assessment of a nation's human rights record.  USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group, which was in Geneva last week to observe the UPR process, welcomed U.S. participation as an important step toward establishing human rights at home and deeply appreciates the call for the release of U.S. political prisoners.

"The UPR process has provided the Obama administration an opportunity to identify U.S. human rights violations, develop real solutions and bring U.S. policies in line with international human rights standards, as symbolized by its "multi-racial, gendered, and religious" Geneva delegation. The Obama administration should set a good example by using its executive authority, clemency powers, and working with Congress and state and local governments to translate human rights commitments into domestic laws and policies to complete the unfinished business of the COINTELPRO/Civil Rights era and release political activists held longer than Nelson Mandela for the same reasons Mandela was imprisoned," stated  Efia Nwangaza, Group Leader and Director, African American  Institute for Policy Studies & Planning.

The USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group calls on the U.S. government to heed the recommendations of the HRC, and:

That  the U.S. Department of Justice review the convictions of all COINTELPRO/Civil Rights Era activists in federal or state custody for civil and human rights violations.

President Obama use his clemency power and/or executive  authority to create or establish mechanisms, e.g. Truth and Reconciliation Commission,  to commute the sentences and expedite release of all COINTELRO/Civil Rights Era political activists currently held as prisoners in U.S. federal and state custody.

Human Rights Council draft report on U.S. Universal Periodic Review is available here:

In Unity and Struggle,


More video and photos from November 8 and 9 actions for Mumia

Video of November 8th Debate in Constitution Center

From Sis Marpessa:

Video of the 11/8 Debate w/Michael Coard and Johanna Fernandez
vs. FOP water carriers Tigre Hill and Seth Williams!

The following is a link to a video of the debate.

Thanks to Jon Jonik for finding this coverage of Monday night's debate at the Constitution Center! More coverage to come!

Some beautiful pictures from Mexico solidarity for Mumia

Marseille November 9 solidarity for Mumia

Marseille has for a long time, on a yearly basis, named a street in honor of Mumia. The right wing government of that region would not go along with a formal naming, so the activists put the sign up themselves, for as long as it lasted, before the officials had it removed, only to repeat the routine a year later. Sundiata Sadiq and I participated in one such street naming in Marseille several years ago. As you can see in the message below from two stalwart activists, Veronique and Jocelyn, this group includes a broad range of organizations.

Suzanne Ross
Free Mumia Coalition NYC

Dear friends,

We were about fifty in front of the consulate of the U.S.A. on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 from 6:00 pm.

Militating of Amnesty International and political parties (NPA, PCF (FRENCH COMMUNIST PARTY), PG, POI.) were present.

The legal information and the report of the recent interview(maintenance) between Mumia and Clothilde Le Coz, representative of Reporters Sans Frontières(Without Borders) in Washington DC, were distributed whereas a member(limb) of the Committee spoke to summarize the current situation and the necessity of remaining mobilized.

It also was the opportunity to enrich the telephone network of the Committee to react quickly in case of signature of a new execution warrant.

We are dispercés at about 7:45 pm having chanted slogans in the direction of the Consulate.
Best regards


Comité de Soutien à Mumia Abu-Jamal de Marseille
Tél/fax : 04 91 42 98 47