Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Philadelphia Town Hall Saturday, August 9th at noon

Now is the time for all of us organizers in the people's movements to be the voice for Mumia, as he has been for all of us. Get the flyer out at all our demos, rallies, meetings, and send to your listservs. Pam Africa wants everybody to know that the court has tried to make it impossible for Mumia to ever be released from jail alive. Mumia is innocent and we want his freedom, not a life or death sentence.

Come to Philly on Saturday, August 9th, where we'll organize to free Mumia and to change the parole rules which have denied freedom to the innocent MOVE 9.

To reserve a seat on the bus from New York,
call 212/330-8029 or
email info@freemumia.com.

Download the flyer