Sunday, April 13, 2008

All Out For April 19! Buy Bus Tickets NOW

The worldwide movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal is in emergency mode. Since the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia last week rejected Mumia's appeal for a new trial, his only legal options are death by lethal injection or life behind the wall without parole. No way!

Mumia has always said it will be the power of the people that will force the courts to release him. Get yourself and everyone you know to Philly on Saturday, April 19th. This is the week of the Presidential Primary and the entire city will be all revved-up politically and more open to anger over such a blatant disrespect of an innocent man's rights.

We will provide group transportation. Mail your check made out to FMAJC for $19 per ticket right away to

P.O. Box 16
College Station, New York, NY 10030

Include your address (please write clearly and include a good contact phone number) and we will mail you back your ticket.

Mumia's future is in the hands of we, the people!

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