Monday, April 25, 2011

Berlin report: Mumia's "Message For Anti-War Rallies"

Dear all in the USA Free Mumia Movement,

Today appr. 4000 people took to the streets in Berlin, Germany to protest war and nuclear power. 25 years after the desaster of Tschernobyl, a few weeks after Fukushima and in the light of the latest war on Libya as well as Irak and Afghanistan people demanded a stop to all of this.

All major energy corporations as well as the British, French, European and US Embassies were visited by a loud march in the city center of Berlin.

At the closing rally on the central Potsdamer Place Mumia's message was played and people were asked to write prepared birthday cards to him, as has his 57th birthday the following day - Mumia will get a lot of post soon.

You can listen to Mumia's original message at Prison Radio:

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You can listen to a german recording of Mumia's speech in translation and the audience's response at:
"Berlin, Ostermarsch 2011: Redebeitrag von Mumia Abu-Jamal"

The Berlin demonstration was part of a nationwide mobilisation against the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. For the last 50 years the peace movement has been mobilizing against nuclear arms and wars around weekend of eastern. This year there are rallies in 83 cities and regions in Germany.

Mumia's message was played on other rallies, e.g. in Hamburg, where several hundred listened to Mumia's message on the same afternoon, too.

In solidarity