Monday, January 02, 2012

Sistah Q's Riveting Interview w/William Singletary, Courageous Witness for Mumia


Asante sana to Sistah Q for bringing forward this amazing Digital Underground February, 2008 interview with Bro. William Singletary, recently transitioned courageous witness for Mumia Abu-Jamal. This interview is chockfull of information as Bro. Bill leaves no stone unturned in giving up the truth on the shocking terrorism he experienced and the FOP plot to frame Mumia.

Qaraandin - also called Sistah Q - is the author of the book “Maintaining Our Temples" and publisher editor of “Maintaining Our Temples Healthzine.” Her research on the legal and economic issues behind the way the US dis-ease management system is run helps her clarify how and why food, medicine and personal care products are used as Domestic Weapons of Mass Destruction against Black folk. Sistah Q and Del Jones co-founded D & Q Communications, Inc. Since his death, she has worked to fulfill their vision of making it the top publisher of Pan-Afrikan books, magazines, and other communications materials.

The poetry/music within the interview are from none other than our esteemed ancestor, Bro. Del Jones.

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