Monday, January 23, 2012

Occupy The U.S. Justice Deptartment on Mumia's Birthday - April 24th, 2012

From Ramona Africa:

ONA MOVE, Everybody!  It's time to step up our actions on behalf of our brother freedom fighter, Mumia Abu Jamal.  We need to make it crystal clear that we the people won't stand for this vindictive sadistic torturing of Mumia by those that are furious at not being able to legally murder him.  You are being strongly urged to demonstrate your outrage at the torture being done to Mumia specifically and to all freedom fighters generally, by participating in an occupy for Mumia and against mass incarceration action. 

We (The Occupy For Mumia Committee) are calling on people internationally to occupy The U.S. Justice Dept. on April 24th, 2012.  

April 24th is Mumia's birthday, his 58th birthday.  There is no better day or place to stand up for Mumia and and against the sadism of this system.  There is plenty of time to prepare for it, plenty of time to organize buses, raise money for airfares and train fares, etc.  People from France and Germany are already preparing to be here, so let's do this, for ourselves  as much as for Mumia. 

I need individuals and organizations, worldwide, to respond to this call, this email, and tell me if you are serious about being in Washington DC. on  April 24th for this action.   I'm looking for strong positive responses from you, ASAP


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