Sunday, January 22, 2012

From Berlin:Mumia and Johanna Fernandez at Rosa Luxemburg Conference

Letter to Suzanne Ross of Free Mumia Coalition NYC:

Dear Suzanne,

I'm sure you remember the trouble with last year's Rosa Luxemburg Conference. Thanks to your effort and a bit of persistance on our side we managed to have a great event on Mumia this year.

Mumia wrote a speech from A.C., which his daughter and Francis Goldin spoke for him. Johanna Fernandez came over and gave a brilliant speech. On the next day we went with her to the Luxemburg-Liebknecht demonstration and afterwards to the Berlin leg of global action day by the Occupy Movement where she spoke, too. People were delighted.

Mumia Abu-Jamal - Beitrag für die Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz,
Berlin am 14.1.2012 (engl)

Johanna Fernandez on Mumia Abu-Jamal (Berlin, January 2012) - Part 1 (engl)

Johanna Fernandez on Mumia Abu-Jamal (Berlin, January 2012) - Part 2 (engl)

Johanna Fernandez in discussion with Berlin audiance on Mumia Abu-Jamal - Jan 2012 (engl and german)

Thank you for "coming to our rescue" last year. That was the foundation for this year's event, which really inspired many people and came just in time to push forward. I'm sure Mumia and the SCI Mahanoy will get a lot of post in the next days. We are mobilizing for a demonstration on April 21 over here - and something other in April, which I will write about later.

Greetings from all of us,


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