Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear Friends in the USA,

we have an important request for your support.

As you may have heard, Georgia joins the nationwide scramble for Danish lethal injection drugs

The company in question is called Lundbeck and has the sole license for pentobarbital on the US pharmacy market which has been used in executions in Ohio and lately in one attempt in Texas, too.

This danish company is clearly breaking european law in order to profit from the death penalty. So far they were able to conduct their business with Ohio and Texas. Last week Tuesday the US Supreme Court stopped an execution in Texas because it wasn't clear, if the danish chemicals are "safe" to execute american citizens.

Today an Online Petition against the use of european products in the US death penalty started: "Keine Lundbeck-Praeparate fuer Hinrichtungen in den USA" european politicians are requested to act on this.

Troy Davis is a death row prisoner in Georgia. The US Supreme Court denied his last appeal last week. If Georgia manages to gain pentobarbital from Lundbeck it will likely resume to publish execution dates again.

Please get the word around in the US and help us by promoting the european online petition as well as writing directely to Lundbeck in order protest their business policies.

If the anti-death penalty movement in the US could consider to call for a boycott of Lundbeck that might help, too.

After european policies helped to force the company Hospira to pull out of the death penalty in the US death penalty together we might be able to stop another profiteer from the "machinery of death".

In solidarity,

the Berlin Free Mumia Coalition

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