Friday, December 09, 2011

Audio Stream + Report from WE THE PEOPLE MUMIA Event Streaming Live RIGHT NOW

If the video stream down, the audio stream is at -- The Event is truly historic!

One reporter states:

At the Mumia event in Philly. Cops attempting to intimidate by flying their helicopter around in circles with the lights on the building. Several off duty ones and assorted white supremacist sympathizers rode their motorcycles in front of the building revving their engines. But the huge crowd inside couldn't hear it and didn't notice it cause the youth of the Impact Dance Theater Ensemble was bringing down the roof. Mumia just called in and Amiri Baraka is on now. Goto to watch the live stream right now. 30 years of unjust imprisonment.   Folks stay on the lookout for footage and news from this event. The energy is amazing. Babylon got no juice.

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