Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Report from London on 11/9 Mumia Demonstration

From Mumia NYC:

Report received from Brother Omowale in London
London Demonstration at US Embassy to free Mumia Abu Jamal on 9th November 2010 continues the momentum for the UK Campaign to Free Mumia

The sound of Afrikan drums set the tone for a vibrant demonstration at the US Embassy in London to save the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal and demand his release. Hundreds of people were in attendance united in their demand to Free Mumia! End the racist death penalty! and Free all political prisoners!

Organisations in attendance at this important protest included the Global Afrikan Congress, the Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum, the George Jackson Socialist League, the Haiti First! Haiti Now! Reparations Campaign, the Uhuru Organisation, the Alkebulan Revivalist Movement, the All-Af People's Revolutionary Party, the Pan-Afrikan Congress Movement, the New Black Panther Party, the Pan-African Voice, the Rail Maritime and Transport Union, the National Union of Teachers, the Crossroads Women's Group, the Coordination Committee of the Revolutionary Communists of Britain, the Partizan Defence Committee, the International Bolshevik Tendency as well as many who came as individuals.

There was a live link up with Mumia's supporters outside the Philidelphia Third Circuit Court House via Sadiq Sundiata one of the co-chairs of the New York branch of the Free Mumia Campaign (see . There were solidarity messages from Ramona Afrika of the Move Organisation, from the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation, the Grenada 17 and Angola 3 political prisoners, messages of support from the Free Mumia organisations in Germany and France, Democracy and Class Struggle from Wales and a solidarity message from the people of Haiti. The London demonstration was part of a growing worldwide movement which held sychronised protests in France, Germany, Holland, Jamaica, the US, Canada and even Iran and New Zealand.

The evidence pointing to Mumia's innocence is so persuasive that organisers are also urging concerned members of the public to fill in online petitions to:

(i) US President Barak Obama ( and;

(ii) US Attorney General Eric Holder ( People in pursuit of truth and justice are also asked to ring Eric Holder's office on 001-202-353-1555  or 001-202-514-2000  and write to him at: FMAJC, PO Box 16, College Station, New York, NY 10030 or webmaster@usdoj.go, asking for a `Civil Rights Investigation' into Mumia's case.

There will be a follow up meeting with the co-chairs of the New York branch of the Free Mumia campaign Sadiq Sundiata and Suzanne Ross hosted by the Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum at 44-46 Offley Road, The Oval, London SW9 0LS on Friday 19th November 2010 at 6.30pm. A full update on the issues in Mumia's case will be given, including the reasons behind the recent replacement of his lawyer Robert Bryan.

A follow up demonstration is scheduled to take place outside the US Embassy on Thursday 9th December 2010 at 5pm to co-incide with the 29th anniversay of the unjust arrest and incaceration of Mumia.

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