Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ex political prisoner Jacobo Silva Nogales speaks at Mumia event in Mexico

During the ten years that Gloria Arenas and Jacobo Silva Nogales were political prisoners in Mexico, they wrote from their prison cells in support of Mumia. Since they were released almost a year ago, ARGUING THEIR RIGHT TO REBELLION, they've been consistent in support of Mumia and joined us at the event on September 21st in Mexico City. Jacobo's words follow:


We were asked if we could be here today to stand by Mumia.  And how could we not be here when there is so much that moves us to stand by Mumia?

We’re on his side for a number of reasons: 

Because he’s facing a death sentence, and this is unjust, just as any death sentence is, so it shouldn’t exist in any case whatsoever and should be abolished. The State that applies it is at least as criminal as anyone who is punished in this way. Nobody should be subjected to the death penalty. By struggling for Mumia, we’re struggling against capital punishment.

Because he´s not a criminal, but instead an activist in social struggles and as such, shouldn’t be confined in prison under any circumstances. He should be on the outside, with his people, where he wouldn’t be committing crimes, but instead doing what he always did: struggling for a better society than the one that now exists. A person like this should not be imprisoned. By struggling for him, we’re struggling for justice. We’re struggling along with him.

Because he’s a victim of racism and in his case, discrimination due to the color of his skin is all too clear. And such discrimination shouldn’t exist; it’s a curse on society that should have been left behind in history. By struggling for him, we’re struggling against racism and for equality.

Because evidence has been manipulated in his trial, which was totally rigged. In it, the rule of law did not prevail, but instead brute force. By struggling for him, we’re demanding the exact application of the law.

Because he’s not just any prisoner whose fate may not concern us so much since we’re not into crime. He’s a political prisoner as any one of us could be, especially in these times of heightened repression. By struggling for him, we’re struggling for ourselves. By standing up for him today, we know that others will do the same for us if the need
should arise.

Because he’s not a political prisoner who’s been defeated or who’s resigned himself to his situation, but instead one who struggles from his prison cell, and by doing so, sets an example of bravery and dignity. By struggling for him, we’re struggling for dignity, and we’re helping to strengthen him.

That’s why. Because we’re on the side of life itself, because we’re on the side of all social activists, because we’re against racism, because we’re for justice, because we’re with all political prisoners, because we’re with all those people who never give up. That’s why we stand by Mumia, that’s why we stand up for Mumia.

Because when people shout Viva Mumia Abu-Jamal! it’s not just one more joyous chant. It’s a shout for the life of someone who must live, for someone whose life is in danger. Viva Mumia Abu-Jamal!”

Jacobo Silva Nogales

September 21, 2010

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