Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rachel Maddow show on the bombing of MOVE

From the Free Mumia Coalition NYC:


The segment shows a piece, possibly from the 'MOVE' film, which includes (essentially cameo appearances of) Ramona and Bird Africa, as the only Survivors. 

The overall 'Maddow' segment is somewhat obfuscating and brief, but does includes commentary about the 61 homes/families that were also destroyed, and that to this day, they have yet to receive (any) meaningful compensation.

it's a beginning/breakthrough ....

It might encourage more of this kind of real coverage to contact Maddow to commend her for this coverage.  (she surely got plenty of right-wing response.)

Our input is a way to promote mainstream media to acknowledge our real world and that there is great thirst for real news.


A e-mail will be sent to Maddow:

"Rachel Maddow's coverage of the 25th Anniversary of the MOVE Bombing in 1985: this wa so very much appreciated - by those of us Freedom and Justice-Committed. Maddow's coverage was an important mainstrem-media (MSM) tiny opening to exposing the general populace to one of the most outrageous examples -- of the police-state fascism that has obscenely taken hold in the u.s. The scores and hundreds of political prisoners  who have been wrongly incarcerated for decades on trumped-up charges, and the incalculable pain incurred by their famiies and friends -- Mumia Abu Jamal, being one of the most prominent, are further evidence of this raging, out-of-control racist police-state; also the milliions of Africanamericans, Latinos and Indigenous Peoples and Other People-Of-Color whose lives have beem destroyed by the RACIST, discriminatorially-adjudicated "anti-drug" and "3-strikes" laws."

The clip below entitled "Do you Remember the MOVE Bombing?," - by the Rachel Maddow show producer, also highlighted the MOVE Murders:

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