Saturday, April 24, 2010


Thursday (4/22/10) night on WBAI-Pacifica Radio in New York (99.5FM - aired a one hour special n Mumia Abu Jamal which can be accessed on the stations archives at (8PM Thursday, April 22nd WHERE WE LIVE):

Produced by WHERE WE LIVE hosts Sally O'Brien and Dequi Kioni-Sadiki the 8pm (est) the program began with Mumia giving his birthday message to his supporters.

This was followed by an in-person interview with Mumia by Sally O'Brien on "The Role Of The Journalist" ("as griot, bringing forth the voices of the people")

a 5 minute report on the testimony of the day presented at the 1995 PCRA hearing in Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas and reported to Pacifica National News by Sally O'Brien who covered the entire PCRA hearings for Pacifica. This report centers on testimony by Arnold Howard and about Ken Freeman.

a 20 minute live interview with Philadelphia journalist, columnist and professor Linn Washington speaking about judicial misconduct and irregularities in Mumia's case through out the years.
an excerpt of an interview with Lydia Wallace Barashango - sister of Mumia who speaks about her brother in his growing up years in North Philadelphia

and concludes with an interview with Suzanne Ross - Chair of the NY Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition who speaks about the call for a Civil rights investigation and the April 26th rally at the Justice Department in Washngton DC

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Araceli said...

Thank you for posting this. Always a pleasure to hear from Mumia and his supporters. Happy Birthday Mumia Abu Jamal. One day...