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Pam Africa on Ebony Magazine Article


Sis. Pam Africa to Jam Donaldson
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There is a lot of things I can say but it should be clear by now that you made a serious mistake when you pretend that you have the right to do wrong, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO WRONG.  I invite you to check out these sites -- google LINN WASHINGTON JR., he is a Professor of Journalism at Temple in Phila. He was also a Law clerk for SUPREME JUSTICE ROBERT Nix.  He is an author of a book on BLACK JUDGES and knows this case.

I really hope you take time and view his web site, especially since you are a attorney.  Educators for Mumia is another site by Professor Mark Taylor from PRINCETON University, New Jersey. Journalists For MUMIA is another site, please visit their site, they sponsored an ad in the New York Times with several hundred Academics from around the World and also sponsored several teach-ins and conferences on the case of Mumia, and is sponsoring one at Columbia University in New York this April 3rd.

FREE MUMIA NOW is another site sponsored by the NEW YORK COALITION TO FREE MUMIA which is now sharing the site with International Concerned Family And Friends Of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a must-see web site for detailed national and international info from the New York based Free Mumia movement.  This is the site of two chairpeople, Pam Africa (Phila.) and DR.SUZANNE Ross (New York) where you will get detailed info on the CIVIL RIGHTS CAMPAIGN to Attorney General of the United States Holder. 

Mumia is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole or a death sentence, which neither is acceptable to a lot of people around the world and across this country.  In the Country of France in
the capital Paris they supported this poor black political revolutionary prisoner on deathrow who happens to be also articulate, a great journalist, author of several best selling books on the social injustices to all life. That government investigated his case for several years by sending fact finding experts to get the truth, which led to their out spoken support in France thru massive demonstrations in the street with several thousand people of all walks of life including the former first LADY OF FRANCE Madame Daniell Mitterand whose husband banned the death penalty in France. 

In the city of Paris Mumia is an Honorary Citizen and in the city of ST.Denis in France there is a street named in his honor, why? Because they did what was necessary to bring to the attention of the world that this government has framed a man, that Mumia did not have anything resembling a fair trial, that
evidence also supported his innocence and they also have a web site and email.  You can also check out the Millions for Mumia web site and the Mobilization to Free Mumia website.  Did you know that at the 100th anniversary of the NAACP Convention in New York a resolution was passed calling for a Civil Rights Investigation in Mumia's case?

Did you know that the Black Congressional Caucus, all of them, stated they investigated the case of Mumia and said that Mumia did not receive a fair trial and that evidence points to the fact that he is possibly innocent?  I could go on much longer with this but you understand. So when you say (did i call you out) I say yes, you called out a lot of people, I hope you can deal with it. 

My phone number is 215 476 8812.

Remember when this goverment murdered Malcolm X, Rev. Martin L. King, we did not know the plot and we did not know the plan or the folks involved, but now we do know the plot, the why, we know the plan. Help stop the murder of this innocent man, arm yourself with the facts, NOW YOU DEAL WITH IT and thanks for the call-out, the platform to awaken people to the truth in this case.  Remember we must teach the children the truth. 


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