Sunday, November 01, 2009

REMINDER: Less than 2 weeks left to get letters signed for Mumia!

We have less than 2 weeks left to get letters signed for Mumia!

We will be delivering letters to Eric Holder at the Department of Justice on Thursday, November 12. In order for us to have them properly prepared for our early, early morning departure from NYC on that day, we must have them at our PO box by Tuesday, November the 10th. 

Use the sample letter below and send them to arrive at the Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition post office box by Tuesday, November 10.

Mail letters to the Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition at:

 PO BOX 16
 College Station
 New York, NY 10030

You can also deliver them to us at St. Mary's Church this coming Friday night, November 6, from 6 PM to 9 pm.  St. Mary's Church is at 521 West 126th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue (opposite a police station).


US Department of Justice
Washington, DC

November 2009

To Eric Holder, US Attorney General:

We write to you with a sense of grave concern and outrage about the US Supreme Court's denial of a hearing to Mumia Abu-Jamal on the issue of racial bias in jury selection, that is, the "Batson issue". Inasmuch as there is no other court to which Abu-Jamal can appeal for justice, we turn to you for remedy of a 27- year history of gross violations of US constitutional law and international standards of justice as documented by Amnesty International and many other legal groups around the world.

We call on you and the Justice Department to immediately commence a civil rights investigation to examine the many examples of egregious and racist prosecutorial and judicial misconduct dating back to the original trial in 1982 and continuing through to the current inaction of the US Supreme Court. The statute of limitations should not be a factor in this case as there is very strong evidence of an ongoing conspiracy to deny Abu-Jamal his constitutional rights.

We are aware of the many differences that exist between the case of former Senator Ted Stevens and Mumia Abu-Jamal. Still, we note with great interest the actions you have taken with regard to Senator Stevens' conviction to assure that he not be denied his constitutional rights. You were specifically outraged by the fact that the prosecution withheld information critical to the defense's argument for acquittal, a violation clearly committed by the prosecution in Abu-Jamal's case. Mumia Abu-Jamal, though not a US senator of great wealth and power, is a Black man revered around the world for his courage, clarity, and commitment and deserves no less than Senator Stevens.



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