Saturday, October 04, 2008


TIME FRAME: Two Months!

PLAN OF ACTION: Donations urgently needed to finance the independent docufilms of FieldUp Productions!

PURPOSE OF ACTION: Our message is simple. We need your help to tell the true story of the continuing efforts of African-American movements by supporting our monumental documentary film projects. Our project is told by actual members who experienced the movement. A Power Sun and Wrack 21 are very important projects to be shared with the community at large. The voices and stories of actual members of the New York Chapter of the Black Panther Party drive the documentary, as well as dramatic elements and interviews with scholars and others involved in the case. It is rare that an almost forgotten part of the past is told with such passion and a sense of urgency. But the past is not forgotten by those who continue to work for the liberation of all people from poverty and violence, who love freedom, and who want to ensure that the sacrifices of our forefathers and mothers were not in vain.

The film’s director, writer and producer, Dawn McGhee says, “This film combines the true history of a dynamic movement, while re-creating the accounts of his story”. As many of you are aware, the dramatic re-enactments began this month with Irma P. Hall, Omar Wiseman, Mutulu "M1" Olugabala and Words are not enough to express our sincerity and appreciation to these individuals giving their time and talent to help us tell our story and it's commitment like theirs, as well as others on board, that show us how committed to Victory they are. We must pool together our resources and spread the word to family, friends, colleagues, and others to visit the website and donate!!!! Their and your help is greatly appreciated by political prisoners, prisoners of war, exiled comrades, the community, and of course, FieldUp Productions.

WEBSITES: and The site contains a fantastic array of photos of the production currently underway as well as a few videos in support of the project, please check it out!


1. Donations are the difference between these projects going forward or being halted, there is a tremendous sense of urgency. Please visit the FieldUp Website to make donations via PayPal. The amount is not important. Every cent helps.

2. Subscribe to the FieldUp newsletter, which is a fantastic way to keep up with production via e-mail. Please subscribe today at


GOAL: To acquire the necessary support to insure the completion of these very important and self-determined projects, time is of the essence!

Cashier’s checks/money orders payable to:

Field Up Productions LLC
PO Box 41329
Dallas, TX 75241


Donate using our secure online donations form at By your gift, you will know that you have helped us to tell our own stories and to keep the struggle for democracy and human rights alive.


1. Provide quality interpretations of Our Story to correctly educate our current and future generations regarding the government's war against the Black Liberation movement.

2. To inspire others to write, perform, and produce similar projects instead of allowing the enemies of our people to continue their disinformation campaigns unchallenged.

3. To build the movement to free all Political Prisoners and POW's, who have been abused, tortured and isolated within this government's dungeons for decades. Our freedom fighters have sacrificed much on our collective behalfs, are aging, and largely forgotten. We must support every effort in their fight for another chance of life outside of the walls!

For more info contact:,, or SAFC (Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign) @ for articles and other info by and about Bro. Sundiata Acoli.


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