Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bro. Bashir Hameed is now among the ancestors

via: Queen Sis. Iyaluua Ferguson

The news of Bashir's passing is too sad for me to comprehend. It saddens me but it also angers me. We have said over and over again that the beast intends to only release our political prisoners in a pine box. And what is our response? We don't have yet a coordinated plan to bring about their release on our terms. We continue to be static, to treat gov. paterson with kid gloves, and to make speeches, but have no real plan for action. MalcolmX has told us that it is not sadness that will free us, but legitimate, heartfelt anger (and rage) that leads to action that will set us free.

I mourn the passing of my brother. My prayers and my heart go out to the Hameed family and particularly to Mrs. York, that very courageous woman who never stopped working for the release of her son. But my sympathy and condolences also go out to all of us who have lost a warrior, a brother in our struggle, who we cannot replace and who we are not yet able to redeem.

Bashir, I miss you. Jericho, we must not let his life be in vain. Please let us find a way to stop this genocide, this murder of our best and our bravest.


Sunday 8/31

Dear Friends & Comrades;

I spoke with Florence this a.m. and she asked that all sympathy & condolence
cards be sent to the Hameed Family at 511 Winton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Thank you

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