Monday, October 15, 2007

Guinness World Records Mislabels Move Organization Murders as Mass Suicide

ONA MOVE Everybody!

Ramona of the MOVE organization needs your help. The 2008 Guinness Book Of World Records lists MOVE under "Mass Suicides" based on the May 1985 bombing and MURDER of MOVE people. They also list the MOVE organization with "cults" and lists the source of this misinformation as "The Cult Information Centre". MOVE is not and has never been a cult. MOVE is an organization and certainly did not commit "mass suicide". This is a malevolent and very dangerous lie. It's a deliberate tactic of this system to defame and misrepresent this organization so that when officials wrong us, treat us unjustly and even murder us, a lot of people will accept and dismiss it because of how we have been characterized by this system. We have discovered that both The Guinness Book Of World Records and The Cult Information Centre are based in London. There are several offices based in New York, and we are asking for your help by simply signing your name to demand the removal of the MOVE being labeled a cult and committing mass suicide.

We don't intend to let MOVE be defamed like this because it's wrong and dangerous.

Take care and stay strong


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