Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mumia's Son Needs Your Help!

Mumia's Son Needs Your Help!

Attention Comrades!

This is a special alert going out to you: At this time Jamal Hart, the son of Mumia Abu-Jamal, faces intense restrictions! Here's an update:

Jamal currently has an Attorney based out of Chicago to assist him in his case. He recently found out that he has an assault charge dated back to 1995 that does not exist! He was given Federal time as a result of this "error".

I received a call on April 20th from Jamal to say that he was charged with fighting via an Agent Provocateur. He was given 30 days inthe hole because of it. I received a letter from him on April 30th to state that not only will he serve 30 days in the hole, he has LOST his visits and personal phone calls for 6 months! This is an outrage and it MUST be addressed!

All of this is a result of Jamal coming so close to exposing his unjust incarceration through his own research. Now he has an Attorney to represent him in court!

Everyone needs to BOMBARD the prison with phone calls, E-mails and faxes to express your outrage in this matter!

Address all correspondence and phone calls to the Warden ONLY.
The information to the prison is as follows:
Phone: 570-544-7100
Fax: 570-544-7350

by Free Mumia 1:24:00 PM

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