Sunday, October 08, 2006

Call on NAACP's Crisis Magazine to Publish Mumia's Commentaries

During the months leading up to the execution of Stanley Williams, Bruce Gordon, the new President of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People visited with the former Cripps leader turned advocate against gang violence saying he would do everything within his power to save his life. He also said upon his release, he could come and work for them in some capacity.

Well, as you know, he was executed on December 13th 2005 in spite of him being a redeemed man turned peacemaker and credited with saving thousands of lives by keeping tens of thousands of young people away from gang violence and away from the burgeoning prison industrial complex. Now obviously, the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to do whatever was politically in his best interest and the NAACP cannot be held responsible for the cold-blooded execution of Mr. Williams, however, it is our contention that the NAACP leadership and organization did to little to late to help save his life. We don't want to see that same scenario played out in Mumia' The NAACP passed a strong Emergency Resolution reaffirming its opposition against the death penalty and in affirmation of Mumia's right to a fair trial and subsequent release thereafter.

The Free Mumia Coalition deems it more than appropriate at this time in Mumia's case for the NAACP's Crisis magazine to begin publishing Mumia's weekly commentaries. If they are serous about taking crucial steps that could get out the word about who Mumia is and what he represents to our people, then they shouldn't have the slightest problem about adding his gut wrenching columns to their monthly periodical. If a left wing radio station like Pacifica's WBAI can and has been doing so for number of years than why not the Crisis.

If you feel as we do, then draw up a brief courteous letter stating how you feel the readers would enjoy seeing what Mumia has to say on many of the important issues of the day. Write to Victoria L. Valentine at: or

The Crisis
7600 Georgia Avenue NW Suite 405
Washington, DC 20012

It's crucial the NAACP and anyone connected to it not run and hide behind this issue. As a people can cannot afford it if we expect to receive any sort of justice within our own lifetime.

No Justice No Peace!

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