Monday, September 04, 2006

Support Mumia and greet the French Delegation for their courage in confronting the U.S. Government's determination to execute Mumia!

As soon as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals granted Mumia the right to appeal on issues that could lead to a new trial, the Fraternal Order of Police and its allies began waging a vicious campaign on the internet and in the media to prevent the possibility of a new trial.

They made up a new version of what happened on December 9, 1981; they insisted that Mumia's case is closed and that no further appeals are possible, despite the recent ruling of the Third Circuit which clearly stated that the case was NOT closed; and they presented Mumia as a cold-blooded cop-killer. They then introduced resolutions in the City Council of Philadelphia, the Senate of Pennsylvania, and the US Congress denouncing Saint-Denis and France for naming a street after Mumia, insisting that the name be withdrawn, and threatening sanctions. (The resolutions were passed both in the City Council and the State Senate). Let us stand with the French, united for justice and refusing to be intimidated by the bullying of the FOP and their elected cronies and media hacks.


Framing an Execution
-a documentary on Mumia featuring Danny Glover and Angela Davis

Town Meeting
- to strengthen the international work and efforts to free Mumia

Patrick Braouezec, representative to the French National Assembly,
Julia Wright, Paris ICCFMAJ/Mumia spokesperson in France,
Rafael Barontini, Coordinator of Mumia Committee of Saint-Denis

PLUS - Harold Wilson; Attorney Michael Coard; Tonya McCleary, AFSC;
and others!

For more information please contact the:
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
(215) 476-8812 -

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